Investment Products

Fixed Deposits

This is a high yielding investment product designed to meet the investment needs of both individuals and companies. Our Fixed Deposits return high interest rates above Government of Ghana Treasury Bill rates; and are negotiable depending on the amount placed and duration of investment.

Your choice of investment duration spans from 91,182,365 days to 2 years with an option of roll over.

Forms Quick Investment Plan (FQIP)

FQIP is a multi-purpose short to long term investment product designed to assist individuals and households to build up funds from their regular cash inflows for investment.

This product provides opportunities for customers to invest funds weekly, bi-weekly or monthly according to their cash flows. FQIP allows the investor an option to vary the funds invested and investment days.

Loan Products

Personal Loan

This loan is designed to cater for the urgent needs of salaried workers both permanent and contract employees.

Forms Smart Loan

This is a product targeted at employees of both Public and Private Organisations and salaried workers who are paid through Controller and Accountant General (CAGD).

Business /SME loan

Business loan is exclusively limited to registered businesses; Sole Trader, Company limited by guarantee, limited Liability Companies, Registered NGO and association.

Import Duty Financing

Import duty loan is for the clearing of goods at the ports. The goods being cleared are insured against accidents and other unforeseen disasters.


This offers you the finance you need to acquire the equipment you need to grow your business. Forms capital also underwrites operating and finance lease.


Other Products and Services provided by Forms Capital include:


  • Discounting Facilities (Certificate Discounting)
  • Vehicle Finance Scheme
  • Export Financing
  • Trade Finance
  • Financial Advisory Services.