Forms Capital climaxes Customer Service Month with a health walk

Specialist financial services company, Forms Capital Limited (FCL) last Saturday held a health walk for its staff and stakeholders as part of activities to climax its Customer Service Month celebration.

The walk started from Ayi Mensah tollbooth to the Peduase Lodge with over 100 participants climbing through the hills at a brisk pace.

At the summit, the participants engaged in an aerobics session and were given fitness tips and advice by the instructors.

In an interview on the sidelines of the walk, the CEO of FCL, William Arthur said the walk was held to create awareness about the importance of exercising to its staff and stakeholders.

Mr Arthur stressed that it was important to make exercising a priority in order to achieve one's goals, targets and ambitions.

This health walk was the climax of the Customer Service Month, so we decided to take our staff out to keep fit and also interact with our customers.

He said FCL was interested in the physical fitness of its staff and customers because a healthy workforce in all sectors of the economy was key to developing the country.

He added that his outfit would be using its digital channels to engage with its stakeholders about the importance of physical fitness to ensure that the event was not a nine-day wonder.